Know All About Camping In the Serengeti

A visit and camping in the Serengeti are top on any traveler’s bucket list in Africa. The destination offers some of the greatest wildlife viewings in the world, and the Big Five and the continent’s other exotic animals roam on its endless plains. It is an excellent chance for travelers and adventurers to spend a night in the incredible landscape.

Things You Need to Know About Camping In the Serengeti

Here are a few things you must know before heading for your camping trip in Serengeti.

Accommodation options in the Serengeti National Park

Depending on the type of safari you are booking, the accommodations vary. You can choose between budget, medium-range, and luxury public camps, private camps, and lodges. The price difference between the safari packages runs distinctly, as the accommodation consists of a large part of the total budget. For example, a three-day luxury safari will cost over a thousand pounds or more if you prefer to explore the park on private air transport.

The campsite

Although it was not a luxurious oasis with a swimming pool, you can still enjoy the charm and comfortable nature in the Serengeti. The safari agents in charge pitch the tents together in different parts of the site. Often the campsite consists of a medium area with a large kitchen, a toilet block, and a dining area. If you are camping during the winter, you need to sleep on a mattress placed over warm sleeping bags.

The Bathrooms

The bathrooms in the camp usually have showers, a squatty toilet, and three Western toilets. The toilets are spotlessly clean even during the rainy season, when mud splatters are everywhere. You need not bring your toilet paper, as you will find the bathrooms stocked with plenty of them.


The camps’ electricity is sporadic, most of them coming from solar panels. The electricity well lights the camp and the kitchen. However, it is not so reliable while charging the devices, and sometimes there might not be enough electricity to share between the guests. Therefore, it is better to carry a power bank that can be charged in the jeep during the day. And can be used at night for charging your devices.

The food

You can enjoy delicious food during your camping in the Serengeti. However, the locals cook the food on the gas stoves and over the wood fires. The dishes are incredibly delicious. You get breakfast in the morning, consisting of eggs, pancakes, coffee, toast, and tea. For the mid-day meals, you need to stop at a place for rest in the park. The dinner comes with various mouthwatering foods as well.

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