3 Reasons why Tanzania safari is the best place to travel in the world.

Tanzania safari tours are spectacular. The name alone summons many iconic images, including golden savannah, splendid landscapes, safaris amongst African wildlife, geological features, lakes, the highest mountain in Africa, and exquisite spice islands with warm turquoise waters.

The appeal of Tanzania is varied and it has something to offer for everybody. It is turning out to be one of the most popular destinations on Earth, and here are some reasons why.

The people

A big highlight of opting for Tanzania safari tours is becoming acquainted with the people and finding out the many different cultures of the country. The people are a lively thread that will lace its way through the entire time you spend in the country. This country is home to nearly 120 ethnic groups. Owing to relatively widespread knowledge of the English language, local culture and customs are rather accessible. The people are known for being welcoming, and you will see that everyone has a warm smile on their face as they welcome you.

The wildlife

It is impossible to describe the breadth and depth of feeling while driving through the wilderness. It is magnificent, surreal, and incredibly moving as well. Across, the several conservation areas and national parks in the country, you will come across large animal populations. The wildlife here in this country is notable for both variety and sheer numbers, with more than 430 species and sub-species amongst the more than four million wild animals present in Tanzania.

Zanzibar beaches

Zanzibar is off the coast of mainland Tanzania. It is typically called the ‘Spice Island’. This place is home to the best beach destinations you can spot in the world. Spanning around 40km wide and 90km long, Zanzibar is a semi-autonomous archipelago that includes two major islands – Pemba and Unguja. When you are on your Tanzania safari tours here in Zanzibar, you can take a leisure walk, do your morning yoga routine or go scuba diving. You can rarely see humans on the serene, pristine beaches. 

Verdict Make sure you opt for a tour company that can design a customized itinerary based on your availability, preferences, and budget for your Tanzania safari tours


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