Things to consider before going on camping in the Serengeti

An African safari is incomplete without exploring and camping in the Serengeti. While exploring the region, you can witness some exotic wildlife. The big five are the most iconic animals on the continent. The facilities you receive during the camping depend on what you pay for the safari.

Here is what you must consider before planning your camping in the Serengeti.

Finding animals is easier

Often, people think they need to drive several miles to catch a glimpse of the animals. However, it is not true. While exploring the region, you will witness several animals in the national park. You will see them in herds, as if they were waiting for your arrival.

Witnessing different species of animals

On your exploration and camping in the Serengeti national park, you can easily witness the big five (elephants, leopards, rhinos, buffaloes, and lions). Besides, the national park is a natural habitat for other animals, including baboons, giraffes, zebras, hyenas, hippos, cheetahs, gazelles, warthogs, ostriches, impalas, meerkats, and vultures.

Expect early mornings

The animals are active, and you can easily spot them early in the mornings. Therefore, you might require setting off for a game drive at sunrise, around 6:15 am.

Dusty all around

Since Africa experiences a dry and hot climate throughout the year, the roads are very dusty. Therefore, it’s best to carry something to cover your nose and mouth. Else, swallowing and inhaling dust might cause a sore throat.

Camping is teamwork

Setting up a camp is teamwork. Expect to receive help when in need and lend your hands to others. You might have people camping alongside you without any camping experience. Even making a meal is teamwork. If you are not the one who can fetch dried branches and fuel, you can lend a hand in chopping the vegetables and cleaning the area after every meal.

Access to basic facilities

While camping in the Serengeti, you have access to limited facilities. Besides, you might not experience the standard of cleanliness you are accustomed to at home. Therefore, expect the camps to have simple toilets and showers. Never forget to carry hand sanitizers and wet wipes during camping.

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